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Report Violation of Bag Law

If you suspect that a business is in violation of the District Bag Law, please fill out the Bag Tip Line form  below or give us a call at 202-407-1277.

* Name of Business Suspected of Violation
* Street Address of Business
Zip Code
Date you observed the Suspected Violation
Type of suspected violation - check all that apply:
     Not charging for any disposable bags
Not displaying bag fee on customer receipt
Not charging for plastic bags
Not charging for paper bags
Mistakenly charging for disposable bags
(describe in Notes, below)
Other (describe in Notes, below)
Your Name**
Your Email
Confirm email address
Your Address
Your City
Your State
Your Zip Code
Additional Comments
* Certification
I understand that I am providing the information in this tip or complaint to the District of Columbia Department of the Environment (DDOE), a District agency with the authority to investigate and seek penalties for certain violations of law. I understand that any information I provide in this tip or complaint must be true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I also understand that DDOE may review any information provided in this tip or complaint to determine whether or not an investigation into the matter is warranted.
When you have completed the form, click the "send" button to submit the report.  Thank you for your help with protecting the environment.