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EnergySmart DC Solar Initiatives

EnergySmart Solar Initiative

DDOE will be announcing the EnergySmart DC Solar Initiative (EDSI). This  initiative is part of EnergySmart DC, the District’s 5-year energy plan. EDSI offers two rebate programs – Solar Advantage and Solar Advantage Plus. Solar Advantage provides post-installation rebates for eligible market-rate residential, commercial, and non-profit applicants. Solar Advantage Plus offers a more generous, pre-installation rebate to eligible low-income applicants.

Building on DDOE’s prior success in providing rebates that have supported over 800 solar installations in the District of Columbia, Solar Advantage and Solar Advantage Plus continue to support the adoption of solar technologies by helping to reduce the overall cost of solar energy systems for District residents, businesses, and institutions. EDSI rebates are funded through the District’s Renewable Energy Development Fund, which is made possible through alternative compliance payments made by energy suppliers that fail to meet the city’s solar requirements under the District’s Renewable Portfolio Standard.
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For more information, contact the DDOE Energy Administration at 202.535.2600 or email at mail.edsi@dc.gov.

Energy Efficiency

Energy use in homes and businesses can be a major expense and has a large impact on the world around us.

Generating energy by traditional means using fossil fuels generates pollution as well as greenhouse gases, which when trapped in the earth’s atmosphere contribute to global climate change.

By making your home or business more energy efficient, you can avoid excess energy consumption. You will save money while also reducing your ecological footprint.

The program operates on a first-come, first-served basis and rebates are dependent upon funding availability.

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