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Report Benchmarking Data

Use the link(s) below to report benchmarking data to DDOE. 2013 data is due April 1, 2014, 11:59 pm.

Please note that DDOE cannot access your ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager data unless you electronically report it to us. Reporting is done using the Custom Reporting Template functionality of ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. Clicking these links will take you to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and download the template directly into your ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager account and present you with further instructions.

District Reporting Template, 2013

DDOE’s step by step guide to reporting benchmark results to DDOE in the New Portfolio Manager has been updated for 2014 reporting.

What To Do if You are Still Waiting for Utility Data

Update, March 27, 2014: DDOE is aware many building owners and managers are still waiting for utility data. Whole building electricity data is required for benchmarking in 2014, per 20 DCMR 3513.7(a)(2). (This service has been available since February 1, 2013.) Owners or managers of buildings with five or more tenants or residents who are individually metered for electricity should request aggregated whole-building data from Pepco. Pepco can take up to 30 calendar days to fulfill these requests. (If you have less than five tenants, use the waiver form to request tenant data.) For more information, visit DDOE and Pepco’s web pages.

For buildings that have requested utility data and not received it, DDOE will accept interim partial submissions for 2013 reporting. If you follow the steps below, you will not be marked as being non-compliant:

  1. Request consumption data from Pepco, Washington Gas, and/or DC Water by April 1, 2014. If requesting aggregate data from Pepco, the request must include the District Real Property Unique ID number for the tax lot(s), for tracking purposes, and a list of all the electric meter numbers that should be aggregated.
  2. Enter into ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® the energy and water consumption information you already have. Indicate in the notes field of ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® that this is a partial report, with the date of your outstanding utility request(s), and select in the meter configuration option what portions of the building energy and water use are included in the partial report. (Click here for instructions on how to specify your meter configuration.)  
  3. Submit to DDOE a interim partial benchmarking report that contains the energy and water consumption information you do have access by April 1, 2014.
  4. Once you receive complete utility data, enter the additional data into ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and edit the notes and meter configuration fields accordingly. Then submit an updated, complete report to DDOE within thirty (30) days of receipt of the updated data.

Questions about benchmarking enforcement should be directed to DDOE at info.benchmark@dc.gov.

Previous Years Reporting Templates

If you have still not submitted required data for earlier years you can use the links below to do so. If your building is below 100,000 square feet, it is ONLY required to report last year’s data (2013) this year, and you should not click the links below: