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Green Building Fund Grants

Monday, April 28, 2014

DDOE has created a Green Building Fund Grant Program to support innovative projects to “green” the built environment in the District. In fiscal year 2013, we funded three projects:

  • Zero Energy/Water and Living Building Challenge Cost/Benefit Analysis (attached below)
    The questions that often come up first when discussing zero energy/zero water and Living Building Challenge projects are: “what is the cost premium?” and “what might the payback be?”  This grant answered those questions in the specific context of the types of buildings, the costs, and the climate in the District.  But the grant also helps provide guidance for the District government on policy drivers related to deep green buildings. 
  • Assessing the Health Impacts of Urban Heat Island Reduction Strategies (attached below)
    This grant was developed to estimate daily heat related mortality risks in the District due to the local urban heat island effect.  The analysis also determined that the number of days with extreme urban heat island effects historically associated with high mortality would decrease significantly if urban heat island reduction measures are put into place, and provided policy guidance for the District government.
  • Green Building Manual: Green Building Resources, Document Submittal Templates, and Green Building Roadmap. Read More