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RiverSmart Rewards and Clean Rivers IAC Incentive Programs

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The District of Columbia has two stormwater fee discount programs: DDOE’s RiverSmart Rewards and DC Water’s Clean Rivers Impervious Surface Area Charge (IAC) Incentive Program. These programs are available to DC Water customers who manage stormwater on their properties using eligible best management practices (BMPs), such as rain gardens, rain barrels, pervious paving, green roofs, bioretention, and stormwater harvest/reuse systems. Discounts are calculated based on the volume of stormwater retained by BMPs and the property’s amount of impervious surface. These programs help property owners save money on their water bills while contributing to cleaner, healthier rivers and streams.

RiverSmart Rewards offers a discount of up to 55% on the DDOE Stormwater Fee and is available for new and previously installed BMPs. DDOE established RiverSmart Rewards through a rulemaking process that included two public review and comment periods. Read more about this process.

The Clean Rivers IAC Incentive Program offers a discount of up to 4% on the DC Water IAC and is not retroactive.

DDOE manages both programs; however, the rules for each differ in several ways. See the table below to understand the major differences. For more information about the rules and eligibility requirements, refer to the Discounts through Stormwater Management guidebook.

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RiverSmart Rewards

Clean Rivers IAC

Effective Date

July 19, 2013

October 1, 2013

Maximum Allowable Discount



Offers a Retroactive Discount back to May 1, 2009 or the date of installation, whichever is later.



Discount begins to be accrued on the date DDOE receives a completed application


No, under Clean Rivers IAC Incentive Program, there is no discount accrual before the discount is actually awarded.

Discount award period/Expiration

3 years and renewable upon expiration

Up to 3 years, or at the end of the 3-year pilot program, whichever is earlier

Other DDOE Incentives for stormwater management

DDOE offers additional rebates and discounts to District residents and businesses who install BMPs:

  • Stormwater Retention Credit (SRC) Trading Program – provides a financial incentive for property owners in the District to install BMPs that retain stormwater. Properties that do not trigger the regulations or that exceed their retention requirements can generate SRCs to sell to regulated sites or bank for later use.
  • RiverSmart Homes – provides financial incentives and technical support to District homeowners who install BMPs
  • RiverSmart Communities – an extension of RiverSmart Homes, geared to multi-family residences, locally owned businesses, and houses of worship
  • RiverSmart Schools – offers technical support, teacher professional development, student field trips to local rivers, helps organize community planting days, and assists with installing outdoor classrooms that help reduce stormwater runoff
  • RiverSmart Rebates – provides rebates for trees, rain barrels, rain gardens, and impervious surface removal that can be used in addition to RiverSmart Homes incentives
  • RiverSmart Rooftops – provides a rebate to property owners who install green roofs on buildings located in the District

Contact Us

Phone: 202-535-2679

Email: riversmart.rewards@dc.gov

District Department of the Environment
Stormwater Management Division
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