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RiverSmart Rebates

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The RiverSmart Homes program also offers a series of rebates for trees, rain barrels, rain gardens, and impervious surface removal.  Any D.C. single family homeowner is eligible to apply for the rebates, and homeowners that have already participated in the RiverSmart Homes program can also take advantage of the rebates.

Rain Barrel and Cistern Rebate

Do you want a barrel, but don't want to wait for the stormwater audit? Would you prefer a different type of rain barrel than the one offered through the RiverSmart Homes program? If so, the rain barrel rebate is for you. Homeowners can purchase up to two rain barrels or cisterns, install it, and then receive $50 to $500 back by submitting an application, receipt, and pictures of the installed barrel to DC Greenworks.  The rebate amount is dependant on volume: $1 per gallon stored.   For example, a 75 gallon rain barrel will merit a $75 rebate and a 500 gallon cistern will merit a $500 rebate.

Tree Rebate

Do you want to plant a specific tree on your property that is not one of the RiverSmart Homes approved trees and you would like to plant your tree sooner?  Then you may apply for the Casey Trees tree rebate. Seven genus and 27 species - mostly native oaks and hickories - qualify for rebates up to $100 per tree.  Small and medium canopy trees continue to be eligible for rebates up to $50 per tree.  Invasive tree species including Norway Maple, Tree of Heaven, Mimosa, Bradford Pear, Sawtooth Oak and Siberian Elm and the Ash tree should not be planted and do not qualify for the rebate. Dwarf trees and shrubs are also ineligible.

Rain Garden, Pervious Paver, and Impervious Surface Removal Rebate

This rebate is based on how many square feet of impervious area you are treating with the rain garden or pervious pavers/impervious surface removal.  Impervious areas can either be rooftops or areas that are covered in concrete, asphalt, etc.  The rebate will reimburse homeowners $1.25 per impervious square foot treated.  The minimum square footage that you must treat is 400 square feet, which would total a $500 rebate.  The maximum rebate is $1,000 or treating 800 square feet or more of impervious surface. Apply Now!

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