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Stormwater Retention Credit Trading Program

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UPDATE: DDOE Approves First Stormwater Retention Credit Trade! Read More>>

Through the Stormwater Retention Credit (SRC) trading program, projects that trigger stormwater regulations may buy and use SRCs or pay an in-lieu fee to meet their requirements for retaining stormwater. Other District properties generate SRCs by exceeding their own regulatory requirements or voluntarily installing retention practices such as green roofs and rain gardens. The SRC market provides flexible and cost-effective compliance options for the regulated community as well as financial incentives to voluntarily increase stormwater retention in the District.

The SRC trading program is incorporated into stormwater regulations that were published in the D.C. Register on July 19, 2013. Under the regulations, major land-disturbing activities must retain the volume from a 1.2 inch storm while substantial improvement activities face a 0.8 inch retention requirement. Sites may use SRCs or pay in-lieu fee to meet their retention requirements. In addition, the regulations establish a process for properties with eligible retention practices and SRC owners to apply for certification, use, transfer, and retirement of SRCs. The regulations ensure that SRCs represent a real reduction in the volume of stormwater runoff that enters the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers, Rock Creek, and their tributaries.

This website contains information on the SRC trading program including a registry of available SRCs, model contract for the sale of SRCs, link to online application forms, and other information. For full program details, see the 2013 Rule on Stormwater Management and Soil Erosion and Sediment Control and Chapters 6 and 7 of the 2013 Stormwater Management Guidebook. Please contact Evan Branosky at evan.branosky@dc.gov or (202) 535-2295 with additional questions.

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