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Air Quality Monitoring and Assessment

The Monitoring and Assessment Branch is a collection of scientists, technicians and specialists who measure pollutants in the District's air on a regular basis. They are responsible for the following:Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

A 24-hour ambient air monitoring network keeps track of pollutant levels in the District's air. Our staff operates and maintains five different monitoring stations and pollutant-specific equipment, collects samples, conducts studies, and reports data to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Air Quality Planning

Information from throughout DDOE’s Air Quality Division is synthesized during the air quality planning process to identify and implement strategies for air quality improvement.

Air Quality Data Assessment and Analysis

We track air quality trends over time and report them to EPA. We also provide real time air quality conditions (air quality forecasts, advisories, and Air Quality Index) to the public on a regular basis.

Vehicle Emissions Inspection and Maintenance

DDOE staff conducts performance audits and program monitoring to measure how effectively the Vehicle Emissions Inspection and Maintenance Program controls pollution.

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